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  • Upon activation and downloading three separate days as instructed, designated cardholder will have his/her lactose intolerance and/or milk allergy permanently reversed.
  • Treats with data not chemicals
  • 30 day money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied with results
  • No adverse side effects possible
  • Safe for pregnant mothers
  • Safe for all ages

Finally a cure for afflictions affecting more than 80% of the global population!

Lactose Intolerance Info Graphic

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose Intolerance is a condition of the person's intestinal tract which lacks sufficient amounts of lactase, the enzyme that digests the lactose sugar in milk and milk containing products. When such products are consumed, this deficiency state results in such common symptoms as:

  • diarrhea
  • abdominal bloating and cramps
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • gas

Such symptoms arise 30 minutes to 2 hours after eating or drinking lactose containing products.

Milk Allergy Infographic

Milk Allergy

Milk Allergy is not to be confused with Lacstose Intolerance. Milk Allergy is a condition involving the person's immune system wherein the immune system sees the proteins in milk as harmful invaders and attacks them when such milk proteins are eaten in an effort to protect the body. This attack causes the release of such immune substances as histamine resulting in typical food allergy symptoms within minutes to hours after eating foods containing milk proteins. Such milk allergy symptoms include the following:

  • stomachache
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • gas
  • bloating
  • hives
  • wheezing
  • coughing
  • hoarseness
  • trouble breathing
  • throat tightness
  • swelling
  • lightheadedness
  • itchy, watery or swollen eyes
  • red spots
  • drop in blood pressure

Uncommonly, a milk allergy can be severe resulting in anaphylaxis, a life threatening condition if not treated priomptly.

Hence, it is easy to see how Milk Allergy and Lactose Intolerance can be easily confused with one another because of the similarity in symptoms shared by each condition (gas, bloating, stomach pains as examples). In fact,many people likely have both conditions! This is the main reason we chose to cure both conditions at once should both exist in the same person. However, many individuals do not seek professional help to obtain a differential diagnosis. They have just accepted to avoid dairy products and/or consume dairy alternative products and symptomatic over the counter remedies due to the lack of a cure for either conditionn... up until now! However, symptomatic treatment of a medical problem is usually ignoring the underlying causes and introducing a host of products that may be adding insult to injury further compromising the person's health.

Examples of problems with symptomatic treatment:

  1. Avoidance of milk and dairy containing products.

    1. Milk is a superfood rich in high quality protein, calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, potassium, Vitamins A, D, B12, thiamine, riboflavin, phosphorous, magnesium, folate, cholesterol(important in ho rmone synthesis), fatty acids . Milk al so contains small amounts of vitamin C,E,K, niacin, pantothenic acid, B6 and folate .

    2. Avoidance can lead to important dietary deficiencies and substitution with artificially created so- called "milk al ternative" beverages with their own set of medical concerns .

  2. Use of "milk alternatives" can lead to significant health risk issues of their own:

    1. Almond milk typically contains more sugar than milk. Most manufactures add up to 20 grams of sugar per serving. A recently uncovered study by the sugar industry in the 1960's suggests a link between a high sugar diet, cancer and high cholesterol levels in rats. Almonds are high in fat and are considered a goitrogenic food according to "Goitrogenic" means almonds can release chemicals that can harm your thyriod gland, a major gland regulating your immune system and metabolism.

    2. Rice milk medical concerns stem from two separate studies discovering that us rice contains significant quantities of arsenic which "taints" the rice. Brown rice was found to have higher levels of arsenic than white rice. Rice is "one of nature's great scavengers of metallic compounds". Moreover, rice milks are typically high in sugar as well if sweetened. Rice is a carbohydrate. Rice milk contains no protein and made from brown rice syrup, a sugar compound. one cup of rice milk contains 33 grams of sugary carbohydrates .. not a good idea for folks with diabetes or heart disease.

    3. Soy milks use unfermented soy beans which provides numerous antinutrients to the consumer. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, "drinking just two glasses of soy milk daily provides enough of the compounds to alter a woman's menstrual cycle." soymilk is also goitrogenic according to Dr. Mercola.

    4. Coconut milk is high in fat, low in protein compared to cow's milk.

  3. Lactase containing supplements are a relatively ineffective bandaid for Lactose Intolerance sufferers. Their effectiveness is relative to the severity of the person's problem and the amount of dairy consumed.

  4. Lactose-free milks have high sugar content despite the removal of lactose.

In summary, as evidenced by the medical risks posed their products offered in the alternative symptomatic attempts at managing lactose intolerance and milk allergy, the treatment can be worse long term for the patient than the condition being treated on a global perspective, it is estimated by P&S Market Research that more than 80% of the global population suffers from lactose intolerance alone. Finally having a cure for these two conditions will hopefully save a number of lives that would have been made worse by commercialism providing flawed and problematic symptomatic treatment

End the battle with dairy...

...end Lactose Intolerance and Milk Allergy permanently.

Clinically proven results are just a click away. Enjoy milk, yogurt, ice cream, and other dairy products after only 3 days of starting your 30 day free trial. In other words, you will experience an unprecidented cure of your lactose intolerance or milk allergy or both in just 3 days. You will then have 30 days to try all the different forms of dairy you want in order to prove to yourself that you can now have milk again. Enjoy the delicious, nutritious world of dairy, Mother Nature's superfood!

For $145 USD you will digitally receive everything you need to cure your lactose intolerance and reverse your milk allergy after only 3 days! We're so sure that our cure will work for you that we're giving you 30 days to start seeing the benefits absolutely FREE! Click below to start your totally free risk free trial. After signing up for the trial you will receive an email from us with the simple activation proceedure. After 3 full days of quantum dosing you'll begin to experience a life free of lactose intolerance and milk allergy!


QBit Card, Lactose Intolerance Milk Allergy

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After the 30 day trial you will be charged $145 and the cure will become permanent.
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Just follow the simple cancellation procedure at the button below.
NOTE: If cancelled within the the 30 day period, any positive effects will be immediately reversed.
Limit one free trial per user.


  1. To place your order, fill in your email and the name of the patient (your name if you will be one receiving treatment and click the Start 30 Day Trial button above. If you have a promotional code, you will enter it where designated for your discount.
  2. You will receive an email with your complete instructions and your QBITCARD as an attachment
  3. Your QBITCARD will have the registered owner's name, unique card number, expiration date, the name of the Master Program, a QR code and ZAG's name. See the sample illustration.
  4. Once you receive your card, you will respond with a unique 5 digit activation number placed on the subject line.
  5. Once we receive your activation code , we will confirm its receipt so you know it has been formally activated.


*Any authorized* person who refers someone who makes a purchase receives $10 referral fee.
To become an authorized referral affiliate, use our CONTACT FORM below.

* Authorized person receives a unique identifier code for the buyer to input at time of purchase as a "promotional code" which entitles the buyer to receive a 10% discount off the retail price above... a savings of $14.50. The promotional code then links the purchase to the referring person in order to receive his/her $10 referral fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?
A: A quantum computer can only communicate with another quantum computer. In our case, our quantum computer is designed to communicate with our client’s brain, also a quantum computer, via the phenomenon of quantum teleportation. Our quantum programs deliver specific physiologic directives for the brain which then executes the program without any possibility of adverse effects. The directives of this master program, Lactose Intolerance and Milk Allergy Cure, cause the person’s brain to immediately and permanent reverse that person’s milk intolerance and/or milk allergy after only three days of activation of the Qbitcard.
Short version: the activated product delivers Lactose Intolerance and Milk Allergy curative instructions to you body remotely with clinically proven results.

Q: How do I know it's working?
A: By gradually introducing diary products, specifically milk, back into your diet, you will discover the complete absence of symptoms typically associated with lactose intolerance or milk allergy.

Q: How long will I enjoy the effects
A: The effects are permanent.

Q: What happens after I start the trial?
A: After clicking the "Start 30 Day Trial" button below you will be taken to the PayPal website. All your information will be processed securely via PayPal with all the security protections of PayPal. If you have a PayPal account you will be asked to log in. If you are not currently a PayPal member, you will be guided through the account creation process. It will ask you to confirm your trial and that after 30 days, if the trial is not cancelled, you will be charged for $145 lifetime treatment. Once you confirm you will be returned to a confirmation page on our website. You should also receive a confirmation email from Paypal showing the free "subscription" period. The term "subscription" is only used because it is the term PayPal uses for trial sign-ups. Rest assured you will only be charged once ($145) at the end of the trial

Within 2 business days you will receive an email from our team with a confirmation of your trial and a request for a 6-digit "activation" number. This number of your choice will tie the programming to your body and ensure that you are the individual being treated. If you're paying to treat someone else (which you named in the trial sign up below) you will be providing the activation code on that person's behalf. Reply to this email with the activation code and a team member will send one more email containing an attachment which is the image of your QBitCard, a digital representation of the active programming system with your personally selected activation code and unique alpha-numeric identifier. Upon receipt of this image you may save it to your mobile device if desired. You will receive active curative programs for 30 days during which you will note drastic improvement in your lactose intolerance and milk allergy. You will be able to slowly introduce milk and lactose products back into your diet after 3 days, with proof of effectiveness conveyed as the 30 day trial continues.

If for any reason you would like to cancel the trial before you are charged, you may do so through PayPal or the CANCEL TRIAL button below and you won't be charged. However, any positive effects received will then be reversed remotely.

Q: Can I cancel and not be charged?
A: Yes, at any time up to 29 days from the date of trial start. To do so click the CANCEL TRIAL button below. You will be taken to PayPal where you may log into your account and cancel the "subscription" trial with Quantum Medical. You will not be charged. NOTE: any positive effects will be reversed remotely, and only one trial per patient is allowed.

Q: What happens if I cancel the trial?
A: If cancelled within the 30 day period, you will not be charged and any positive effects will be reversed remotely. You will receive no further communication from Quantum Medical.

Q: What happens when the trial ends?
A: After 30 days you will be charged $145 for the treatment. You will have been cured of your lactose intolerance and/or milk allergy and have had the time to prove that to yourself. These cures are permanent and will last for the rest of your life!

Q: Are there any expenses beyond the $145 charge?
A: No. This is a one time charge and you will never be charged for any additional fees for the rest of your life. All benefits are permanent and last a lifetime.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: You may contact our customer service at any time through the CONTACT FORM below. Please allow up to 2 business days for our team to repsond to your inquiry.

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    Quantum Medical is the licensing arm of the Zurich Alpine Group (ZAG), a humanitarian medical reearch group, that deveoped the world's first quantum computer that delivers physiologic directives via quantum teleportation to a person's neuronetwork without the possibility of any adverse side effects. This development ushered in the development of the world's first downloadable medicines that have been quietly tested over the past decade. Quantum Medical is the US licensing arm of this benevolent technology. Quantum Medical will be bringing you one exciting product after another that will achieve what traditional medicine can not... effective solutions without side effects for problems that continue to plague mankind.